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Reading Guide Chapter 2 - Indicators Academic Content...

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Reading Guide —Name:__Elizabeth Spartas_____Date: _10-4-2011__Points: _______________________ Assessing English Language Learners by Dr. Margo Gottlieb Relationship—Social Lang Proficiency, Academic Lang Proficiency, & Academic Achievement Second Language Acquisition *Language Proficiency is the ability to use language regardless of how, where, or circumstances it was acquired under *Social: reflects everyday experiences *Academic: related to processing, understanding, communicating curriculum based content—delivery is key (3 criteria) *academic achievement: skills & knowledge underlying communication *Follows predictiable developmental stages *Different levels of proficiency *Support (linguistic, Graphic, Visual) are important! *Remember that activities can be used in assessment , ) Progress/Performance
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Unformatted text preview: Indicators Academic Content Standards & Second Language Development *Connection between English Language Proficiency Standards & Academic Content Standards is key! *Refelct development over 4 domains *Core of Eng Lang Proficiency—elements: identifies how students use language, provides context, offers visual & graphic avenues to aid comprehension *differentiation! *Intro of content needs to match English language proficiency *differentiate! *alignment is key!! Most useful Appendix and why: I like Appendixes 2.3, because it provides me with a way to assess whether the English language proficiency standards have the right features. This would allow me to be sure that the system is functioning as it should be. Not only that, but this checklist would enable me to be sure that I am working for my students, that they receive the best education possible....
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Reading Guide Chapter 2 - Indicators Academic Content...

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