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History review

History review - cigarettes(esp women dancing movies were...

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History review: Ku Klux Klan: Agricultural Adjustment Act: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: Reconstruction Finance Corporation: Lesson of Munich: Charles Lindbergh: Augusto Sandino: Joseph Stalin: Huey Long: Brown v Board of Education: Lend Lease: Battle of Okinawa: Flapper: Yalta: Beatniks: Rosie the Riveter: Jackie Robinson: Joseph McCarthy: Battle of Midway: Douglas McArthur (Korean War) Father Charles Coughlin: Bonus Marchers:
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Office of war Information: Fair Employment Practices Committee: Elvis Presley: Essays: 1.liberation at beginning the nation was quite ric this meant that people had the ability to spend extra money on luxuries etc. - people did not have to worry about the war and therefore were liberated - youth possessed the idea of live for today!--> youth/intellectual/ urbanization - sexual revolution: cosmetics/ clothing,
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Unformatted text preview: cigarettes (esp women), dancing, movies were out there sex icons.-Intellectual revolution- hemingway, fitzgerald, Anderson—be true to yourself-Consumer rev- auto’s advertising, economic boom-Af Am( / minorities) NAAACP- dubois, booker t WA, harlem renn—jazz. Langston Hughes Anxiety—-crusades—red scare- KKK- fundamentalism- scopes trial- - books—idea that the moral code. Return to moral code needed. Western culture was considered negative ( westerns/tarzan)-Heroes—also rep return to pop culture.- foreign policy- isolationist? Dawes plan- interventionist? Haiti & Nicaragua 2. Too liberal: too conservative: 3. Lesson of WWII on Am foreign policy through late 40s and early 50s 4. impact WWII on women and minority groups...
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History review - cigarettes(esp women dancing movies were...

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