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nez perce outline

nez perce outline - that was occurring within the Native...

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The Nez Perce misunderstood the U.S. government by failing to realize the implications that came with creating a relationship with a body that was attempting to expand their boundaries and power—and the role that they played within this mold—being that in order for the nation to function at full power it needed to hav e all of the subjects following a similar belief or role within society. The U.S. government misunderstood the Nez Perce because it failed to realize the importance of not only the culture of the Nez Perce people’s, but the importance of all aspects of their life in relation to that culture. Moreover, it failed to see the internal battle
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Unformatted text preview: that was occurring within the Native American nations as they implemented such great change on the people-idea of irony of what was going on in west while in the east the civil war was happening- nat am had resided there for some time, all of a sudden expected to change-failure to realize importance of land and animals in relation to nat am culture- conflict b/t old traditions and new traditions- idea dreamers indian cultural movements that integrate some new aspects while rejecting any white culture-failure nat am to realize what it was that the whites wanted. And what it meant to be part of the nation- idea that the whites...
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