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Animal Sounds Purpose: This activity should build teamwork, communication, and strategy. Materials: Slips of paper with different animal names on them (there should be a few of each type of Goal: Students work to end up with other students who are the same animal that they are Directions: 1. Have the students line up 2. Each student draws a piece of paper with what type of animal they are on it—be sure that they keep this a SECRET! 3. Tell students to memorize what kind of animal they are and to close their eyes—eyes
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Unformatted text preview: must stay closed for the entire activity. 4. Students must then find all the animal’s of one’s own kind using only animal noises. 5. Once all of the students are grouped with their own animals and no one is left still searching they are allowed to open their eyes and talk to see if they are correct. Debrief: 1. What did you find difficult about this game? What did you find easy? 2. How could you accommodate for students with disabilities?
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