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Classroom observations ESpartas

Classroom observations ESpartas - Rojas SN 111 Whitworth...

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Rojas, SN 111, Whitworth University, 55 minutes The class that I observed was called Spanish 111, Intensive Elementary Spanish. The lesson was on “los verbos recipricos y los verbos reflexivos.” The entire class was taught in Spanish. During that class a review on I feel that this is a good thing. Although the students might find this to be stressful at times, as the class was only a beginning level, it has been found that exposure to the language one is attempting to learn is highly helpful in facilitating learning the language. Not only that, but being able to hear the language as used by another who is proficient in language use aids in developing language receptor skills. On occasion the professor would clarify things in English, so as to avoid confusion. Students were called on at random for the most part. On occasion the professor would ask for a volunteer. However, as the volunteer was usually the same person, calling on people at random provided the opportunity for others to speak. One
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