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Observation ESpartas

Observation ESpartas - The first thing that I observed was...

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The first thing that I observed was a third/fourth grade combo music class lead by Miss Wallace at Longfellow Elementary. The class lasted forty-five minutes. The particular class I ended up observing was one of the music days when the children were working on orchestra. Concepts covered included proper preparation of instruments, bow holds, and note identification. There were several things about the class that I liked. Miss Wallace was very good at classroom management. It was obvious that she had developed a structured routine. For the most part the forty-five minute class went quite smoothly. At the start of the class, after setting up the classroom, the students tuned their instruments using a tuner. They try to do this as quickly as possible—attempting to beat this teacher. This is a great way for students to develop skills with tuning and training their ears, while still having fun. Something else that I liked was the use of rhymes and/or games in order to teach (or remind the students of) the basic skills.
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