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Journal Entry 4

Journal Entry 4 - Elizabeth Spartas Journal Entry 4 Do any...

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Elizabeth Spartas 10-7-2010 Journal Entry # 4 Do any of Gardner’s eight types of intelligence strike you as being crucial to success in learning a language?? Howard Gardner poses an interesting idea with his theory of multiple intelligences (though I wonder if intelligence is the correct word to use). I think that there is no one type of intelligence that is crucial to success in learning a language. Rather, I believe that what determines success is the manner that each of the different types of intelligences are applied in the classroom. I will note that there are a few types of intelligences that I would discount. I feel that the naturalistic intelligence and the existential intelligence are both ideas that I find to be a bit out there. Although it may be true tat people are better at recognizing or being sensitive to these items, I am unsure how legitimate I consider these items. Part of the key with multiple intelligences is that one must remember that the
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