Edit2 SemesterProject 12-1-2010

Edit2 SemesterProject 12-1-2010 - ?Whoarethey,wherearethey?...

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Introduction to and Description of the Community To whom do you address the proposal? Who are they, where are they? Why are these people your target   audience? (2-3 paragraphs) Identification of the Problem What is the specific problem? How do you know it’s a problem? Who is affected by the problem? What do   scholars say about this (type of) problem? What do public officials and citizens say about this problem?   (variable number of paragraphs, but at least 4-5 paragraphs) Alternative Proposals Who has tried to solve the problem either in the community or a similar one? What have those people   done? In what ways have these proposals or actions worked or not worked? (variable number of  paragraphs, but at least 2-3 paragraphs) Introduction to and Description of the Community As part of its mission, Whitworth University strives to foster leaders within the community to serve humanity. The campus hosts nearly forty clubs, intramurals, dorm programs, and other extracurricular activities, and new students can easily become overwhelmed and confused. In the first days of school Whitworth provides a variety of fun activities that distract from the stress of parting with one s family; however, with all of the chaos that occurs with traditiation events ( such as wooing, yell off, mock rock ) and other items like buying books, preparing for classes, and finding a job add unnecessary anxiety to the experience . Between t he members of our group, we have undergone the stress of freshman year and of transferring to a new school. Therefore, our proposal aims to establish a mentor program between upperclassmen and new students within freshmen and transfer seminar class es . A major component of our proposal is for the mentors to contact their freshman/transfer students during the summer when the majority of students have questions about what to pack, dorm life, what classes are like , and ways to become involved on campus . Based on personal experience, simply perusing the course catalog, reading dorm descriptions, or seeing a list of clubs was not sufficient in answering all
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questions. A mentor would be a beneficial resource and would provide at least one familiar face to greet the new students on campus. Because Whitworth encourages students to volunteer through programs like service learning, a mentor can help guide students on ways to become involved on campus. Clubs can help nurture their passion in serving, as well as providing off campus opportunities. Once attending college, it is easy to be swept up with one’s narcissistic demands . By participating in activities that occur off campus , students are able to step outside of the pinecone curtain and gain a broader perspective of reality once involved in the greater Spokane community. Becoming involved in campus clubs and activities, on and off campus, also fosters new relationships with others. Since professors have
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Edit2 SemesterProject 12-1-2010 - ?Whoarethey,wherearethey?...

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