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Freshman Poll 1. After your experience at Whitworth so far, would you have liked to have had a student mentor? 2. Would it have been helpful to have your student mentor contact you during the summer (therefore providing opportunity to ask questions about what to bring, clubs, registration, what to expect, etc)? 3. Would you rather have a student mentor within a dorm, major, or other interest (ex. music department, athletics, premed)? 4. If you had wanted a student mentor, how often would you have liked to meet with them? 5. Do you have any other ideas, additional comments, or questions? We are students in a Writing II class where we are working on a proposal that we would like to implement in the Whitworth community. It is our thought that it would be beneficial for freshman/transfer students to communicate with a Whitworth student over the summer before they arrive on campus.
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Unformatted text preview: Then they would continue to have personal contact throughout the school year for student advice that advisors may not be familiar with, such as clubs, activities, dorm life, etc. If a program like this is established at Whitworth it is our hope that this could help with retention and integrate the freshman/transfer students to strengthen the community. We would appreciate your personal feedback as well, if you have any suggestions or advice. Thank you for your time! : ) Upper Classman Poll 1. Given your experience at Whitworth, would you have wanted a student mentor your freshman year? 2. Would you have liked to have a mentor within a dorm, major, or other activity? 3. Would you be interested in volunteering as a student mentor? 4. If not, what would motivate you to do so (service learning, paid position, TA credit, etc)?...
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