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RS1 My topic for the first rhetorical synthesis essay is the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy that is employed by the United States military. I am hoping to explore the implications of the issue and whether it is an appropriate policy to have in place. When I think about the policy I just have to wonder what affect a person’s sexuality has on their ability to serve. I also have to wonder whether or not the sexual orientation of a person is a valid reason to either not allow them to serve our country or to discharge them from their position in the military. So far, in my explorations of the topic I have found a few different pieces that pertain to the issue. Looking at the pieces as whole the issue is that I currently am only looking at one side of the issue. I need to find more rhetoric that expresses the side that is supporting ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Let’s look at a few of the pieces individually though. One piece that I looked at was a cartoon. The cartoon depicts a soldier stating that he can’t shoot the enemy
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