example 5 Child Study Paper

example 5 Child Study Paper - Every child is unique and...

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Every child is unique and acts a certain way. After observing a six year old girl who I’ll call Emily, I began to understand what was going on inside of her during her time in the first grade. She is a sweet girl who fits in well with her classmates and enjoys her time at school. According to Piaget, Emily would be in the preoperational stage in which she is in the process of mastering mental operations. Her language is being sufficiently developed, she loves to speak and knows how to vocalize majority of her ideas. A weakness of hers is writing and reading. These two come much slower than speaking does. When I watch her writing, she gets confused and is not sure how to spell which is normal for children at this age. Often she will call me to help her spell a word for her journal. I try to get her to sound the words out, yet often she guesses wrong. She has been learning and is improving which is encouraging. Reading is fairly difficult for Emily. She knows the kindergarten words from her previous year in school, yet new words are a big struggle. Sounding things out does not help her much. It could be due to her lack of mastery of the alphabet. At times she grows tired of trying. She’ll ask me to read her a story instead of her reading silently to herself or to me. It appears that she is not always motivated to keep trying; it appears to be a struggle inside of her. Vygotsky emphasizes the need for social interaction in learning. In Emily’s case, I believe this helps her out greatly. She is encouraged as well as challenged by her peers. In one instance, Emily did not know how to spell the word “because.” She wanted me to help her, yet instead the boy sitting across from her got out of his seat to tell her how to spell it correctly. Having other students help her makes her want to help others as well. She realizes that she can learn from others and grow more in knowledge even from those
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that are her own age. When the whole class is doing an activity, Emily generally acts like all of the other students. She always is trying to participate and makes comments to her
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example 5 Child Study Paper - Every child is unique and...

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