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Host Family Final Report-2

Host Family Final Report-2 - activities in detail 3...

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Host Family Visit Report(s) Students will complete 5 hours total visiting with a family who has a child with a disability. Students may be assigned in pairs to help with transportation and de-briefing. Each individual student will also prepare two reports describing their visits, how experience related to course and progress on personal learning targets indentified in Initial Contact Assignment. The first visit report (typed, double-spaced, about ½ -1 page) summarizing these experiences is due at mid-semester and the final completed paper (about 2 pages) is due at the end of the semester . Respond to items one through six for the Mid-Term Report from the following list. Respond to all items, one through eleven, for the Final Host Family Report on the following list. Make sure you use the rubrics for each report as they will guide your responses. Indicate the number of each response with your answers in the report. 1. Identify the family to whom you were assigned. 2. Indicate the dates and times of your visits and describe your
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Unformatted text preview: activities in detail. 3. Describe what you learned about the child’s disability and the impact this has had on the family. Include questions asked and brief summary of responses. 4. Describe how this experience related to the content (text/lectures) covered in this course. 5. Evaluate and describe progress on your personal learning target and what actions/ resources will you access in the future to reach this target? 6. What resources and activities were most helpful for your learning during your visit? 7. Describe how this experience might affect you as you become a teacher . 8. Tell how this experience could be improved for future students and families. 9. If possible , take pictures during your visits to include in your future E-folio. Also include the signed written permission to use these photos. 10. Attach a copy of a thank you note you sent to the family. 11. Attach a timesheet with the parent’s initials or an email to verify visits....
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