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Host Family Project Initial Contact - Joey is a 19 year old...

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Host Family Project Initial Contact Contact with the Host Family should be done collaboratively but each student is required to submit the assignment individually. Please answer the following questions and submit electronically in the Assignment section of Blackboard. 1. Who attempted to contact the family? 2. How and when were the family contacted? (Date/time/method) On September 24 we received a reply to the email that we sent on September 16. Unfortunately, all attempts at further contact failed. -----Further questions in response to second host family----------- 3. How did you introduce yourselves? We visited for dinner. We already knew Joey’s mother from class, on our visit we had a chance to meet the rest of the family. 4. When is your first visit scheduled? (Date/time) October 24 at 4 pm 5. What did you learn about the child or Host Family?
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Unformatted text preview: Joey is a 19 year old who experiences developmental delays for unknown reasons. He is nonverbal, but knows several signs. He loves Disney movies, music, and Dr. Seuss books. 6. What is your learning target for this experience? I hope to learn a bit about how life works for a family with a child and generally to just observe 7. How did you work with your partner to make this a collaborative experience? Both of us worked to make initial contact with the family. 8. If you were not able to make contact, document the three ways you attempted to reach the family. The instructor or graduate assistant will follow-up with the family. Documentation of Attempts: 1. Date/time/method/who attempted to reach family? September 16, e-mail, collaborative effort 2. Date/time/method /who attempted to reach family? September 28, e-mail, Elizabeth 3. Date/time/method /who attempted to reach family? October 5, e-mail, Elizabeth...
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