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Instructions for Childhood Abuse Reflection Paper Students will write a Reflection Paper on the topic presented below. The paper must be no more than four pages (I will read only four pages), doubled spaced (11- or 12-pt. font). Due date is on the class schedule. Divide your paper into three sections outlined below. When responding to each section, reflect on the personal development of students at the grade level you plan to teach. 1. Personal Reaction Discuss your personal reaction to the topic of child maltreatment 2. Child Maltreatment What are the types of abuse and neglect? What are the typical indicators of abuse
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Unformatted text preview: that you might see at this grade level? What kind of information would be important to gather if you suspect maltreatment? What would you do with this information? 3. Teacher Intervention What is CPS? When do you go to the police? Discuss some things you can do in your classroom to support children who are victims of abuse and /or neglect. Your response should touch on the following areas: a) teacher–student relationships; b) classroom behavior; c) maltreatment intervention curriculum. Be sure to include references when handing in a any paper....
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