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Lesson 1: General Writing Guidelines for Drafts and the Final Research Paper These American Psychological Association 6 th edition (APA, 2009) style rules apply throughout almost all of your research paper and you must follow them as you prepare drafts and final versions: 1. The newest edition of APA style allows you to use first person (we, our) when describing steps taken in your experiment. For example, “We used stickers to reward the student.” This will look different from older articles and older sample papers you may read that used third person (the experimenters). 2. Do not use contractions in a final paper. Write out “did not” instead of using “didn't” or “was not” instead of using “wasn't.” 3. Do not use abbreviations (even on graphs). For example, write out learning disabled instead of L.D. 4. Use tense carefully. Remember you are writing a draft of your final paper and at that point past tense will be most appropriate for almost all parts of the paper including the Method, Results, most of Discussion, Purpose, and possibly in the Introduction when you refer to previous research or to what you did in your study. Your paper will be finalized after your study is completed, so you will be referring to things you did in the past. Write, “The student wore special glasses,” rather than “The student wears special glasses.” 5. Write out numbers one through nine and use numerals for all numbers 10 or higher within the narrative (e.g. Four boys or 14 boys) unless you are referring to time (2 hours, 4 days) or age (10 years old), a place in a series (chapter 5, Grade 8) or when comparing two numbers (4 out of 40 words). Use words when the number begins a sentence, for common fractions (one-fourth), and for universally accepted terms (Twelve Apostles, Ten Commandments). 6.
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Lesson 1 General-1 - Lesson 1 General Writing Guidelines...

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