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Lesson 13 Discussion

Lesson 13 Discussion - during regular activities If a...

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Elizabeth Spartas Discussion Using edibles as an intervention for noncompliant behavior was quite effective for the student. The child showed significant decreases in instances of noncompliant behavior. With each session of intervention, the researchers observed minimal to no instances of noncompliant behavior. The child did not appear to dislike the intervention. In fact, he responded quite well to it. His noncompliant behavior decreased and he did not show any signs of avoiding the intervention. In addition, the student appeared happy to see the researchers. The procedure was practical in implementation and function. The researchers did not have to spend extra time organizing the implementation of the intervention, because it occurred
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Unformatted text preview: during regular activities. If a teacher or assistants were to implement this procedure on their own, it would not take up extra time. The procedure was inexpensive. The only materials needed were edibles, which already are present within the classroom. The whole procedure was carried out without any problems or setbacks. The teacher and instructional assistants were pleased with the intervention. They were able to see a positive change in the number of instances of noncompliant behavior. The teacher felt that the intervention was beneficial to the student....
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