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Lesson 14 Graph and Figure Caption

Lesson 14 Graph and Figure Caption - 1 Lesson 14...

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1 Lesson 14, Graph (Figure) and/or Table and the Figure Caption Page In APA style, the term ‘Figure’ is used to include graphs, photographs, or other illustrations (other than tables) that visually display information about your study. Figures augment what is in your paper; they do not simply repeat what you have already said. For purposes of this class, a graph of your data is usually the only figure included in the final write- up. However, sometimes students will include a photo or illustration of the materials or curriculum used in an intervention. Each Figure appears on a page by itself at the end of the paper, and these pages are not numbered or titled. Figures are numbered in the order of when you refer to them in your paper, such as “Figure 1 shows the mean per cent correct on each test during baseline and intervention.” You refer to figures by their number, not by their page numbers. You will produce your graphs using the computer program Excel. We will walk through the steps for this in class. In your figure(s) be sure to make a distinctly different shape for each
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