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Lesson Evaluation Form SP 11

Lesson Evaluation Form SP 11 - assessed for achievement of...

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Lesson Evaluation Form EDU351/342/442 (Effective Practitioner) Candidate name: Teacher name: Date of lesson: Topic: Rating 3=exceptional 2=acceptable 1=unacceptab le Observations Suggestions for Improvement Lesson plan was given to me in advance for my approval and revision. Lesson objectives were based on EALRs/GLEs. Candidate was prepared with all materials needed for the lesson. A set activity activated prior knowledge and focused student attention. Learning targets were orally and visually communicated to the students. Instructional methods and materials were appropriate and effective. Technology was used effectively to improve teaching/learning. Students were formatively
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Unformatted text preview: assessed for achievement of the learning targets. A closure activity summarized and had students reflect on their learning. Candidate collected evidence in student voice regarding achievement of the learning targets. Candidate communicated enthusiasm to the class. Candidate projected her/his voice and ensured that all students could see visual aids. Candidate related to all students positively and equitably. Candidate maintained good classroom management. Candidate had a positive impact on student learning. Candidate reflected on the effectiveness of the lesson and was open to feedback. Additional comments or suggestions:...
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