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Lesson Plan Example

Lesson Plan Example - Lesson Plan Example Basketball 3rd...

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Lesson Plan Example: Basketball- 3 rd grade 1. Objective : By the end of the class, students should be able to successfully move forward while dribbling a basketball at waist level 10 consecutive times with their dominant hand. 2. Motivation: Students will be practicing the following skills: Hand-eye coordination Form Following directions Playing Basketball 3. Skill Analysis: a. Hand placement on ball b. How to bounce the ball up and down at waist level c. Dribbling in place d. Dribble ten times while standing in place e. Dribble while moving forward f. Dribbling ten times while moving forward 4. Organization: In a class of 24, students will pick their own partner. Groups should start out on the baseline on the basketball court. 5. Activities:
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