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LTEA - Write the next learning target and its connection to...

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LTEA – Learning Target, Evidence, and Assessment Project (100 points) 1. With your mentor teacher's guidance, select a student who is struggling with one mathematics concept. 2. Complete a diagnostic interview with the student. See attached form. 3. Follow the student for 3 lessons. During this time you will collect evidence to answer the questions listed below. a. Does the student know the learning target for the lesson? What evidence you do you have? To what WA State Performance Expectation is this target connected? b. Did the student achieve the learning target for the lesson? What evidence do you have? c. What intervention or next steps would you design for this student based on the evidence?
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Unformatted text preview: Write the next learning target and its connection to the PEs. 4. Points will be awarded on the depth and specificity of the reflection and its connection to the evidence. 5. This assignment is due the day of your final exam, Tuesday, May 10, 2011. Lesson One Lesson Two Lesson Three Total Points Diagnostic Interview - Only done once N/A N/A N/A 15 Question A - 3 points each- Knowledge of target- Evidence- Connection to PE 9 9 9 27 Question B - 3 points each- Achievement of the target- Evidence of achievement 6 6 6 18 Question C - 3 points each - Next Steps- Next Target- Connection to PEs 9 9 9 27 Organization, Grammar, Proofreading 4 4 4 12...
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