Public Synthesis Assignment-1

Public Synthesis Assignment-1 - Writing Assignment 1:...

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Writing Assignment 1: Rhetorical Synthesis of Public Discourse Summary You will write a rhetorical synthesis of three samples of discourse that argue for a social justice or community action. These samples of discourse must make their arguments to a public, non- academic audience and be centered on the same topic, although they can (and should) represent different views. Samples of public discourse may include speeches or other public addresses (radio, television, online, public meeting, or congressional meeting); editorials in newspaper, glossy magazine, or other popular press outlet; websites or blogs; and others. The samples you choose should represent different genres of argument. In the Rhetorical Synthesis Essay, you will analyze each sample using the rhetorical strategies and tools discussed in class and presented in your readings, and you will argue a position for which strategies you think are most appropriate and effective given the rhetorical situations of the samples. This means that you are not arguing with whom you agree or disagree, but about whose arguments are more successful. Note: You can acknowledge the strength of an argument without agreeing with the argument itself. (
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Public Synthesis Assignment-1 - Writing Assignment 1:...

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