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SLA Theories

SLA Theories - -Teacher teach a lesson focused on...

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Interaction Hypothesis Advantages: + corrective feedback + modifying for understanding + responsive to environment +++practical Disadvantages -interaction with other for intrapersonal learners -missed explicit grammatical instruction -lack of reading/writing instruction -Lack of native speakers and teacher/student ration Classroom -discussion based learning -oral tests -one on one time Real life: Immersion The Noticing Hypothesis Advantages: essential starting point for language acquisition Disadvantages – disputes on whether or not learners have to be aware that they are noticing something - progress hard to measure Definition: nothing van learned unless it had been noticed Example: handouts , visuals: bolding, italics, underlinging Activities: repetition, compare/contrast Input processing Van patten Advantages/applications in the class
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Unformatted text preview: -Teacher teach a lesson focused on FORM-Teachers can allow for grac/practice period for ELL students Disadvantages-Meaning and the importance of context clues could be minimized-complicated skill that needs a lot of attention-Potentially discouraging to students- students tend to misinterpret sentences Conclusion: Learner have limited processing capacity and cannot pay attention to forma and meaning at the same time. Give priority to meaning. The Competition Model Bates and MacWhinney Advantages: Effective Strategy for both L1 and L2 learning-Helps with language form, meaning and use-Uses social cues and context Disadvantages-Not consistent across language-Doesn’t translate directly Example: Teacher explain different language structure and word order. Emphasize cues and context...
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