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Teaching a Lesson Overview

Teaching a Lesson Overview - 9 Reflect on the lesson using...

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Teaching a Mathematics Lesson EDU 341 Spring 2011 This semester you will be teaching a mathematics lesson in your practicum setting. 1. Talk to your cooperating teacher about a good topic for your lesson. 2. Learn about writing Inquiry based lesson plans in EDU 340. 3. Design an inquiry based mathematics lesson using the format presented in EDU 340. 4. Turn in your lesson in EDU 341. (might be switched with 5) 5. Have your cooperating teacher review the lesson plan. (might be switched with 4) 6. Make adjustments to your lesson plan based on feedback. 7. Teach the lesson with your cooperating teacher watching and taking notes using the format handed out in class. (also posted on Blackboard) 8. Debrief the lesson with your cooperating teacher.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Reflect on the lesson using the format handed out in class (also posted on Blackboard). 10. Make changes to your lesson plan based on your reflections and the feedback from your cooperating teacher. 11. Hand in the items listed below on or before the day of our final exam, Tuesday, May 10, 2011. a. a copy of the lesson plan you used to teach the lesson including handouts given to students b. 3 Samples of student work – one high/one medium/one low c. 3 Samples of student voice – one high/one medium/one low d. Mentor teacher’s feedback e. Your reflection f. Your revised lesson plan and any additional handouts you designed to match revisions...
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