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World Languages Methodology revised outline

World Languages Methodology revised outline - ML 442 Modern...

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ML 442. Modern Language Methods Mr. Paul Lamontagne [email protected] three credits school (509) 466-1636 ext. 361 REVISED REVISED REVISED cell (305) 815-3515 (phones not answered when class is in session) Office hours 6pm Monday in classroom or by appointment Class meetings Mondays from 6:30-9:30. Sept. 13 - Dec 13 room Dixon 108 Information and Syllabus can be found at http://dragon.sgs.org/webs/paull/ Catalogue course description: K-12 Study and application of various aspects of foreign-language teaching. Topics include: testing, focus on learner, performance objectives, teaching of culture. Course includes methods and observation of language teaching at both elementary and secondary levels. This course is taught through the School of Education. By the end of the course, the student will have a good command of the current methodologies used in teaching world languages, how to plan a class, how to assess student learning, and what technology and resources are available to World Language teacher today. Students will begin to discover his/her individual teaching style when he/she observes three classes and teaches a ten minute topic in World Languages and one 45 minute lesson to classmates. Grade scale: A is 100 to 94% A- is 93-90% .5 is rounded up to the next digit ex 92.5% becomes 93% B+ is 89 to 87 B is 86-84 B- is 83-80% C+ is 79 to 77 C is 76-74 C- is 73-70% D+ is 69 to 67 D is 66-64 D- is 63-60% On Time Deadlines are important . Late work will be accepted yet oftentimes there will be a penalty. The grade may be lowered. The teacher will discuss the issue with the student before lowering the grade. Academic dishonesty means submitting for a grade any significant portion of an assignment which is deemed not to be the student's own work. This significant portion of work may include direct copying from another student, from some printed source or from the Internet. The teacher will present the evidence of copied work to the student before assessing a penalty. Penalties may include a warning, or even up to receiving a zero for the work submitted. Attendance 2 excused absences are allowed. An excused absence is granted only with a conversation with the teacher. Otherwise the grade drops a letter grade for each unexcused or excused absences after the two permitted. Textbooks The weekly homework assignment will come for two sources: internet articles and a chapter from one of two textbooks Teacher's Handbook (4 th edition) by Judith Shrum and Eileen Gilsam for MS HS World Language teachers ISBN 978-1413033212   or Languages and Children: Making the Match, New Languages for Young Learners, Grades K-8 (4th Edition) by Helena Curtain and Carol Ann Dahlberg ISBN 978-0205535484. Both books will be on a 2 hour reserve at the library. Students are encouraged to purchase one or both books; but is it not mandatory.
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Special Needs. Whitworth University is committed to providing its students access to education. If you have a documented special need that affects your learning or performance on exams or papers, you
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World Languages Methodology revised outline - ML 442 Modern...

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