Narcotics in America

Narcotics in America - Alexander Thompson 1 Anthropology...

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Alexander Thompson 1 Anthropology 13.5 Professor Kessler April 17 th 2009 N ARCOTICS IN A MERICA While narcotics have been illegal for a long period of time, people still have issues with this because they feel that this should not be the case. Weighing the pros and the cons of the situation, some find that the law is perfect where it stands, while others may view this as a ban of freedom. When all of the evidence is taken in, it is clear to see that the legalization of narcotics is not a good idea. Judging from the three main categories of; economical reasoning, crime rates in the Unites States, and personal choice, legalizing narcotics is an idea that will only raise havoc within the community. Supporters of legalizing narcotics will say that the legalization simply makes economical sense. Supporters will argue that, when narcotics become legal, stores will then be able to sell them and therefore, they can be taxed and become a source of revenue for the city. Not only will the city receive more income, but there will be less money spent on incarcerating drug dealers and users alike. Now this may seem like a bulletproof plan, but there is more to the situation than just these two positive outcomes. Let’s take a look at health care. The cost of health care in America would dramatically increase not only because of drug rehabilitation costs, but an
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Narcotics in America - Alexander Thompson 1 Anthropology...

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