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Final Exam Review Mythology - Final Exam Review: Greek...

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Final Exam Review: Greek Mythology Alcmene’s Long Night: Alcmene is the supposed mother of Herakles. Had two sons one with Zeus and the other (Iphicles) with Amphityron. Zeus made love to Alcmene before Amphitryon returned from the navy in his form. The next day, Amphitryon returned and made love to her again. While with Zeus, it seemed as though the night lasted three times longer than normal. Megara: Megara was the first wife of Heracles. She was the daughter of Creon the king of Thebes and she was offered to Heracles for his service to Thebes. Hera still angered at the birth of Heracles strikes him with a madness and he kills the couples three sons and Megara can’t live with him anymore. The Lernaean Hydra: The ten labors assigned were given by Pythia at Delphi and would relieve his miasma. Eurystheus assigns the ten labors which switch from killing to taming. The Hydra was a fierce beast with many heads; all but one was mortal. Iolaos must help Heracles by burning the roots of the Hydra’s heads. Heracles places a boulder over the last head; this is not considered a complete labor because Iolaos helped. Parerga: The birth of the centaurs came from Ixion and Hera. He wanted Hera and took her by force; Zeus investigated the matter and created a cloud in the form of Hera. Consumed by his passion for Hera, he forced himself upon the cloud. The cloud gave birth to the centaurs. As a punishment, he was strapped to a wheel and force to blow through the skies. The centaurs become enraged when they drink the wine and Cheiron is wounded. Being immortal, Cheiron cannot die so he gives his immortality to Prometheus and dies. Hippolyte, Queen of the Amazons: Asked to bring the girdle from the queen of the Amazons. Hera interrupts the negotiations and the Amazons believe they were tricked. Apples of Hesperides: The Apples were presented at the marriage of Zeus and Hera by Ge. They were not found in Libya but at Mount Atlas and were guarded by an ancient dragon born from Echidna and Typhon. Supposedly, Heracles asked Atlas to bring him the Apples and tricked Atlas back into hold the world above him. Other versions say that Heracles slayed the beast and took the apples himself. Afterwards, Athena brought the apples back because they were sacred. Laomedon, King of Troy: Heracles was a hero in several of the wars against Troy. In between his labors,
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Final Exam Review Mythology - Final Exam Review: Greek...

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