Tut 4 - Debt Markets 1

Tut 4 - Debt Markets 1 - BANK1005 Derivatives and...

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BANK1005 Derivatives and Securities Markets Page 1 of 5 Tutorial 4 (Week 5) – Debt Markets 1 © HB, August 2007 Preparation for This Tutorial You should complete your study for this tutorial by using the relevant lecture notes, textbook and other resources. You will need your calculator during the tutorial. Have a good understanding of the key words used in this tutorial. In particular, for this tutorial you should: s Record the money market interest rates in the table in Activity 2 from a daily newspaper, such as the Australian Financial Review, to get an idea of what there rates are at present. s At this stage, you should also visit the Reserve Bank of Australia web site (link on course home page) to become familiar with the historical interest rates, which can be loaded into Excel if required. The RBA also provides lots of other data, such as the share price indices over long periods of time. s Record the formulas for pricing a bill and finding its yield. Activity 1 Money Market Securities What are the key characteristics of money market securities? What parties issue and trade in money market securities? What types of money
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Tut 4 - Debt Markets 1 - BANK1005 Derivatives and...

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