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Topic 4 - Fin Institutions

Topic 4 - Fin Institutions - BANK 1005 Derivatives and...

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BANK 1005 Derivatives and Securities Markets P a g e | 1 TOPIC 4 – FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1. Which of the following is (are) assets of a bank: A) Customer deposits B) Government securities C) Loans to customers D) B and C E) A and C 2. Investment bankers A) Act as intermediaries between issuers of stocks and investors. B) Act as advisors to companies in helping them analyze their financial needs and find buyers for newly issued securities. C) Accept deposits from savers and lend them out to companies. D) A and B. E) A, B, and C. 3. Commercial banks differ from other businesses in that both their assets and their liabilities are mostly 4. Operational risk for a bank results from: 5. Capital adequacy of a bank:
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