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MBAD6152_090 - Table 1 MBAD 6152 Course Schedule Week...

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Table 1 MBAD 6152 -- Course Schedule Reading End-of-Chapter Week Number Week of ... 13th edition Topic Practice Prpblems 1 August 23 None Introduction to course and financial management Chronicle "Finance Education Needs to Return to Basics" Wall Street Journal "B-Schools' Formula for Irrelevance" 2 August 30 T-1 Overview of Financial Management and the Financial Environment None T-5 (pp. 191-207) Determinants of Market Interest Rates None 5D Web Extension Forward Interest Rates T-13 (pp. 531-543) Corporate Governance and Shareholder Wealth None 3 September 6 Business Week "Tales from the Boardroom Wars" TIAA/CREF "Sharing our Views ..." CalPERS "Corporate Governance: Core Principles and Guidelines" Wall Street Journal "A Primer on Enron Partnerships" Wall Street Journal "Blockbuster Deal Shows How Enron Overplayed Hand" Business Week "An Options Plan Your CEO Hates" Business Week "How to Fix Coprorate Governance" CFO Magazine "Delaware Rules" 4 September 13 T-17 (pp. 691-714) Multinational Financial Management Class Demonstration Examples Only
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