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Data Sources Unit 2 (Basics: Data Description) Ref. Section Clip Data Set Source URL 1 Describing and Summarizing Data Working with Data 2 Describing and Summarizing Data Central Values Fortune 100 3 Variability Coefficient of Variation PSE vs. DOT indices 4 Applying Data Analysis Exercise 1 VA Linux 5 Applying Data Analysis Exercise 5 Electricity Prices 6 Relationships Between Variables Exercise 1 7 Relationships Between Variables Exercise 2 Income v Education 8 Relationships Between Variables Occupancy and Arrivals Kauai Data Ref. Section Clip Data Set Source URL 1 Generating Random Samples Classic Sampling Mistakes Unit 4 (Hypothesis Testing) Ref. Section Clip Data Set Source URL 1 Single Population Means Exercise 1 Unit 5 (Regression Basics) Ref. Section Clip Data Set Source URL 1 Introduction to Regression Exercise 1 Soft Drink Consumption 3 Deeper into Regression Challenge 4 Deeper into Regression Exercise 2 Productivity by Country Unit 6 (Multiple Regression) Ref. Section Clip Data Set
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