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Unformatted text preview: ~ ;' '\ Solutions CHM12 SOLUTIONS: isa homogenous mixture of two or more substances. TYPES OF SOLUTIONS: 1. SATURATED SOLUTION 2. UNSATURATED SOLUTION 3. SUPERSATURATED SOL.UTION *Explain the differences among the given types of solutions CONCENTRATION UNITS • PERCENT BY MASS % MASS OF SOLUTE = mass of solute x 100% \ mass of solute + mass of solvent Problems: TYPES OF SOLUTIONS BASED ON COMPONENT 1. Asample of 1.5g of CaCh isdissolved in50 g of water. What isthe % by mass of CaCI2? 2. How much water should beadded to 4.5 g of KCI to produce 25% by mass of the solution? 3. How much NaCI solute must beadded to 40 gof water to obtain 40% by mass of the solution? SOLUTE SOLVENT TYPE OF EXAMPLE RESULTING SOLUTION Gas Gas Gas Air Gas Liquid Liquid Soda water Gas Solid Solid H2Qas in Pd Liquid Liquid Liquid Ethanol in water Solid Liquid Liquid NaCI in water Solid Solid Solid Brass (Cu / Zn) • MOLE FRACTION Mole Fraction of A = moles of AI total moles of compound *Give other examples of solutions...
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