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Unformatted text preview: --r CHM12 Solutions • MOLALITY Mc'ality (m) = mole solute! Kg solvent ;. • Problems: 1. Calculate the molality of a HCI solution containing 21.2 g of HCI in 105 9 bfwater. 2. What mass of urea should be used in 205 g of water to obtain 0.55m of solution? .• 'I 1 \ • PPMlPPB Ppm = mg solutel L solution Ppb (g solutel 9 sample) x 109 SEATWORK: 1. Calculate the amount of water(in gr~ms) that must be added t010 grams of ( urea to prepare 70% by mass of solution. . 2. Calculate the molality of each of the following aqueous solutions: \ a. 3.5M HCI solution with density of 1.2 gfml and Volume of solution is 'equal to 75 ml b. 65% by mass K2S04 and mass of solution is 200 g. I 3. Concentrated sulphuric acid is 98% H2S04by mass. Calculate the molality and molarity oftheacid solution if density is 1.83 gfml and mass of solution = i~ I Problem: 1. What is the ppm of mercury present if 0.02 gram of the metal is measured in 800 ml of sample analyzed? • CONVERSION BETWEEN CONCENTRATIONS Problems: 1. Calculate the molarity of a 0.45 m glucose solution if molar mass of glucose is 180.2 g and density of solution is 1.16 g/ml. (l'I1a~S sol-en-t 2. The density of 1.5M aqueous ethanol is 0.87 g/ml. What is the molality of the solution? ~/60\h ':;.SOm\) ~ro 3. -=~) 4. I .~is450g. How would you prepare 500 ml of 0.8M HCI from 2.5 M HCI solution? ( a Calculate the molality of ~ass of aqueous phosphoric acid solution. ~tOS of ~otv) -lSU.9} 4. Temperature o Pressure of gaseous solutions Effect of Temperature on Solubility o Solubility of solid increases with temperature o~lubility of gasas in water decreaseSwith increa~ing,temperature o Increase in Temperature favour endo~ennic process Effects of Pressure on Solubility , ,'. o Explain Henry's Law o Give examples 0 Using the solution in 3, what is the moiarity of the solution if density is 1.5 g/ml? PRINCIPLES OF SOLUBILITY • The extent to which a solute dissolves in a particular solvent depends on the following: o Nature of solvent and solute EEORDONO " Page 2 ~.-:~ I \ L_. -.-~-----' -'----- .- ~-...:..-:- ...
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