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--r Solutions CHM12 MOLALITY Mc'ality (m) = mole solute! Kg solvent ;. 0 Temperature o Pressureofgaseoussolutions Effect of Temperature on Solubility o Solubility ofsolid increaseswithtemperature o~lubility ofgasas inwaterdecreaseSwithincrea~ing,temperature o Increase inTemperaturefavourendo~ennic process Effects of Pressure on Solubility , ,'. o Explain Henry's Law o Giveexamples Problems: 1. Calculate the molality of a HCIsolution containing 21.2 gof HCIin 105 9 bfwater. 2. What massof ureashould beused in205gofwater to obtain0.55mof solution? 'I 1 .• PPMlPPB Ppm = mgsolutel Lsolution SEATWORK: Ppb = (gsolutel 9 sample) x 10 9 1. Calculate the amountofwater(ingr~ms)thatmustbeaddedt010 grams of ( ureato prepare 70%bymassofsolution. . Problem: 2. Calculate the molalityofeachofthefollowingaqueoussolutions: 1. What isthe ppmof mercury present if0.02gram ofthe metal is \ a. 3.5M HCIsolutionwithdensityof 1.2gfmlandVolumeofsolution is measured in800 mlofsample analyzed? 'equal to75 ml b. 65% bymass K2S04andmassofsolutionis200g.
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