176-midterm-03-04-10 - Print your name clearly: Signature:...

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Unformatted text preview: Print your name clearly: Signature: I agree to neither give nor receive aid during this exam. Midterm Exam for Physics/ECE 176 Professor Greenside Thursday, March 4, 2010 This exam is closed book and no calculators or any other electronic devices are allowed. The test will last the entire class period. Please note the following: 1. All questions except the True/False should be answered on the extra blank pages. If you need extra pages during the exam, let me know. 2. Please write your name and the problem number at the top of each extra page. 3. Please write clearly and justify your answers (unless otherwise stated). If I can not easily understand your answer, you will lose credit. Problems That Require Writing 1. (30 points) The year is 2020 and you have been invited by one of your professor friends to be a guest speaker in her undergraduate thermal physics class. Using as a specific example one of the three key systems that you have studied so far this semester (Einstein solid, ideal gas, or paramagnet), discuss concisely what you would say to the class about how microstates, macrostates, multiplicity, and the second law of thermodynamics are related to one another: why does counting microstates have anything to do with thermodynamic equilibrium? Note: your goal is to show me that you understand the logical thread that ties various ideas together, in the context of a specific example. You dont need to write full sentences or give any mathematical derivations but you do need to state key definitions, assumptions, and mathematical expressions, and especially indicate through appropriate brief phrases the logic that connects the various concepts so...
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176-midterm-03-04-10 - Print your name clearly: Signature:...

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