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1_Chapter 25 HomeworkCH25 Optical Instruments

1_Chapter 25 HomeworkCH25 Optical Instruments - angle...

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Chapter 25 Optical Instruments Quick Quizzes 1. (c). The corrective lens for a farsighted eye is a converging lens, while that for a nearsighted eye is a diverging lens. Since a converging lens is required to form a real image of the Sun on the paper to start a fire, the campers should use the glasses of the farsighted person. 2. (a). We would like to reduce the minimum angular separation for two objects below the
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Unformatted text preview: angle subtended by the two stars in the binary system. We can do that by reducing the wavelength of the light—this in essence makes the aperture larger, relative to the light wavelength, increasing the resolving power. Thus, we would choose a blue filter. 337...
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