2_Chapter 16 HomeworkCH16 Electrical Energy and Capacitance

2_Chapter 16 HomeworkCH16 Electrical Energy and Capacitance...

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36 CHAPTER 16 7. (a) C decreases. (b) Q stays the same. (c) E stays the same. (d) V increases. (e) The energy stored increases. Because the capacitor is removed from the battery, charges on the plates have nowhere to go. Thus, the charge on the capacitor plates remains the same as the plates are pulled apart. Because 00 QA E σ == ∈∈ , the electric field is constant as the plates are separated. Because V = Ed and E does not change, V increases as d increases. Because the same charge is stored at a higher potential difference, the capacitance has decreased. Because 2 2 QC = Energy stored and Q stays the same while C decreases, the energy stored increases. The extra energy must have been transferred from somewhere, so work was done. This is consistent with the fact that the plates attract one another, and work must be done to pull them apart. 8. (a) C increases. (b) Q increases. (c) E stays the same. (d) V remains the same. (e) The energy stored increases.
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