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2_Chapter 22 HomeworkCH22 Reflection and Refraction of Light

2_Chapter 22 HomeworkCH22 Reflection and Refraction of...

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234 CHAPTER 22 Answers to Even Numbered Conceptual Questions 2. Ceilings are generally painted a light color so they will reflect more light, making the room brighter. Textured materials are often used on the ceiling to diffuse the reflected light and reduce glare (specular reflections). 4. At the altitude of the plane the surface of Earth does not block off the lower half of the rainbow. Thus, the full circle can be seen. You can see such a rainbow by climbing on a stepladder above a garden sprinkler in the middle of a sunny day. 6. The spectrum of the light sent back to you from a drop at the top of the rainbow arrives such that the red light (deviated by an angle of 42°) strikes the eye while the violet light (deviated by 40°) passes over your head. Thus, the top of the rainbow looks red. At the bottom of the bow, violet light arrives at your eye and red light is deviated toward the ground. Thus, the bottom part of the bow appears violet.
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