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304 CHAPTER 24 Answers to Even Numbered Conceptual Questions 2. The wavelength of light is extremely small in comparison to the dimensions of your hand, so the diffraction of light around obstacles the size of your hand is totally negligible. However, sound waves have wavelengths that are comparable to the dimensions of the hand or even larger. Therefore, significant diffraction of sound waves occurs around hand sized obstacles. 4. The wavelength of light traveling in water would decrease, since the wavelength of light in a medium is given by n n λ = , where is the wavelength in vacuum and n is the index of refraction of the medium. Since the positions of the bright and dark fringes are proportional to the wavelength, the fringe separations would decrease. 6. Every color produces its own interference pattern, and we see them superimposed. The central maximum is white. The first maximum is a full spectrum with violet on the inside and red on the outside. The second maximum is also a full spectrum, with red in it
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