5_Chapter 19 HomeworkCH19 Magnetism

5_Chapter 19 HomeworkCH19 Magnetism - reversed from those...

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Magnetism 145 Problem Solutions 19.1 The direction in parts (a) through (d) is found by use of the right hand rule. You must remember that the electron is negatively charged and thus experiences a force in the direction exactly opposite that predicted by the right hand rule for a positively charged particle. (a) horizontal and due east (b) h (c) orizontal and 30 N of E ° horizontal and due east (d) ze , ro force ( ) sin sin 180 0 Fq v B q v B θ = = 19.2 (a) For a positively charged particle, the direction of the force is that predicted by the right hand rule. These are: (a’) in plane of page and to left (b’) i (c’) nto the page out of the page (d’) i (e’) n plane of page and toward the top into the page (f’) out of
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Unformatted text preview: reversed from those given in part (a) . 19.3 Since the particle is positively charged, use the right hand rule. In this case, start with the fingers of the right hand in the direction of v G and the thumb pointing in the direction of G . As you start closing the hand, the fingers point in the direction of B F G after they have moved 90°. The results are (a) into th age e p (b) towar (c) d the right t oward bottom of page 19.4 Hold the right hand with the fingers in the direction of v G so that as you close your hand, the fingers move toward the direction of B G . The thumb will point in the direction of the force (and hence the deflection) if the particle has a positive charge. The results are (a) toward top of page (b) out of e page th , since the charge is negative. (c) zero force (d) i nto the page...
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