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12_Chapter 19 HomeworkCH19 Magnetism

12_Chapter 19 HomeworkCH19 Magnetism - 152 CHAPTER 19...

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152 CHAPTER 19 19.25 (a) Let θ be the angle the plane of the loop makes with the horizontal as shown in the sketch at the right. Then, the angle it makes with the vertical is 90.0 φ θ ° − = . The number of turns on the loop is ( ) 4.00 m 10.0 4 0.100 m L umference = = N circ = The torque about the z axis due to gravity is co 2 g s s mg τ θ = , where s 0.100 m = is the length of one side of the loop. This torque tends to rotate the loop clockwise. The torque due to the magnetic force tends to rotate the loop counterclockwise about the z axis and has magnitude
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