29_Chapter 17 HomeworkCH17 Current and Resistance

29_Chapter 17 HomeworkCH17 Current and Resistance - Current...

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Current and Resistance 97 17.67 Note that all potential differences in this solution have a value of 120 V V = . First, we shall do a symbolic solution for many parts of the problem, and then enter the specified numeric values for the cases of interest. From the marked specifications on the cleaner, its internal resistance (assumed constant) is () 2 1 1 where 535 W i V R == P P 2 ti c RR R =+ Equation (1) If each of the two conductors in the extension cord has resistance R , the total resistance in the path of the current (outside of the power source) is Equation (2) so the current which will exist is c t IV R = ∆ and the power that is delivered to the cleaner is 22 24 2 11 i tt VV R RR R   ∆∆ = =  
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