Lab 3 - Recycling Alumnium

Lab 3 - Recycling Alumnium - were conducted to ensure...

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Melting points of alum sample Recycling Aluminum September 31, 2007 1
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Results and Discussion: The process for creating alum on a large scale was reduced by multiplying each value in the procedure by .10787. The goal of this was to reduce the expected amount of alum to a manageable 23 grams. Also, the alum created should be pure. The procedure was reduced and a final mass of 9.81 grams of alum was measured. The percent yield was calculated as follows: Actual yield Percent yield = x 100 Theoretical yield 9.81 g Percent yield = x 100 23.0 g Percent yield = 42.7% The purity of the alum sample was determined by comparing melting points. Two trials
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Unformatted text preview: were conducted to ensure accuracy. The results are displayed in the figure below. Trial Start Complete 1 86 oC 90 oC 2 88 oC 91 oC The average of the range was taken. The calculations are as follows: (T1 s + T2 s )/2 = (86 oC + 88 oC )/2 = 87 oC (T1 c + T2 c )/2 = (90 oC + 91 oC )/2 = 90.5 oC The average range was determined to be 87 oC to 90.5 oC Conclusion: Reducing the procedure led to a 42.7 percent yield, which is about half of what was expected. Also, the sample of alum obtained was slightly less pure than a perfectly pure sample. 2 3...
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Lab 3 - Recycling Alumnium - were conducted to ensure...

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