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HW7 - (e Do you reach the same conclusion using the...

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Homework 7 Due: Monday - June 13, 2011 Problems from the book 9-16 (a,b), 9-23, 9-24, 9-28 Additional Problem #5. You wish to perform the hypothesis test H 0 : ± = 2 H A : ± < 2 with an ² -level = 0.10. You obtain a sample of size 25 independently from a population with standard deviation ³ = 10. (a) What is the distribution of the sample mean ± X if H 0 is true? (b) What is the critical value for the statistic test? (c) What values of sample mean will you reject the null hypothesis? (d) If your sample mean is -1, what is the p-value?
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Unformatted text preview: (e) Do you reach the same conclusion using the critical value or the p-value? (f) Perform the same hypothesis test as above, but now change the alternative hypothesis to ± 6 = 1 (two-sided). Do you reach the same conclusion? (g) Suppose now that you do not know the standard deviation of the population and just have an estimate based on the sample ( s = 9 : 6). What would be the answer for question (f)? 1...
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