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ICS’10 Homework1 Solution I Number Conversions: a. 53992 3482 438 b. (19A6) 16 (ADE) 16 (1FF) 16 c. ( 1111101000011110) 2 ( 10111011010011) 2 ( 11100010) 2 II Operations: i. Given A and B with hexadecimal expression 0xDC and 0xE3 respectively. Calculate the values of the following expressions: a) 0xC0 b) 0x01 c) 0xFF d) 0x01 e) 0x3F f) 0x01 g) 0x01 ii. Fill in the table below with the results of shift operations given.
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Unformatted text preview: X X<<4 X>>3 (Logical) X>>3 (Arithmetic) Hex Hex Hex Hex 0xF3 0x30 0x1E 0xFE 0x0E 0xE0 0x01 0x01 0xCD 0xD0 0x19 0xF9 0xA9 0x90 0x15 0xF5 III Byte Ordering: A. Little endian: _____ CD ______; Big endian: _____ 12 ______; B. Little endian: ____ CD AB ____; Big endian: ____ 12 34 ____; C. Little endian: __ CD AB 34 ___; Big endian: __ 12 34 AB ___;...
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Homework1_solution - X X<<4 X>>3(Logical...

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