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homework4 - Address Value 0x100 0xFF 0x104 0xAB 0x108 0x13...

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Homework 4 Problem 1 Consider the following 3 calls to show_bytes: void show_bytes(byte_pointer start, int len) { int i; for (i = 0; i < len; i++) printf(" %.2x", start[i]); printf("\n"); } int val = 0x12345678; byte_pointer valp = (byte_pointer) &val; show_bytes(valp, 1); /* A. */ show_bytes(valp, 2); /* B. */ show_bytes(valp, 3); /* C. */ Indicate below the values that would be printed by each call on a little-endian machine and on a bigendian machine. A. Little endian: Big endian: B. Little endian: Big endian: C. Little endian: Big endian: Problem 2 Fill the table 3 according to the value of register and memory.
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Unformatted text preview: Address Value 0x100 0xFF 0x104 0xAB 0x108 0x13 0x10C 0x11 Table 1 Register Value %eax 0x100 %ecx 0x1 %edx 0x3 Table 2 Instruction Destination Value addl %ecx, (%eax) subl %edx, 4(%eax) imull $16, (%eax, %edx, 4) incl 8(%eax) decl %ecx subl %edx, %eax Table 3 Problem 3 According to the following X86 assemble code, complete the C source file with proper expressions or operands func_A: pushl %ebp movl %esp, %ebp jmp .L2 .L3: movl 12(%ebp), %eax subl %eax, 8(%ebp) .L2: movl 8(%ebp), %eax cmpl 12(%ebp), %eax jg .L3 movl 8(%ebp), %eax popl %ebp ret int func_A(int a, int b) { while ( ① ) ② ; return ③ ; }...
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