homework7 - 12 const char* ptr1 = strstr(packet,...

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Homework 7 I Buffer overflow The following code segment is extracted from the Green Dam. Which line code will cause buffer overflow? Why and give your solution to fix such bug? 1) which line? 2) why? 3) how to fix? II Pointer Fill in the following declares in C program style. 1) int * a[10] // an array of size 10 pointers to integers 2) _________ // a pointer to a pointer to an integer 3) _________ //an array of size 5 pointers to functions which take a float argument and return an integer III Float pointer Consider the following 16-bit floating point representation based on the IEEE floating point 1 const int URL_LEN_LIMIT = 1000; 2 void func1(const char* packet) { 3 char src[1024], dst[1024]; 4 if (get_src(packet, src)) { 5 strcpy(dst, "Found bad URL"); 6 strcat(dst, src); 7 report_log(dst); 8 } 9 } 10 11 bool get_src(const char* packet, char* src) {
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Unformatted text preview: 12 const char* ptr1 = strstr(packet, "XXXX"); 13 if (ptr1 - packet < 0 || ptr1 - packet > URL_LEN_LIMIT) 14 return false; 15 memcpy(src, packet, ptr1 - packet); 16 src[ptr1 - packet] = 0; 17 return true; 18 } 19 20 void report_log(dst) { 21 char log[1024]; 22 sprintf(log, "[%2d-%2d-2d %2d:%2d:%2d] %s", . .., dst); 23 } format: There is a sign bit in the most significant bit. The next k = 5 bits are the exponent. The last n= 10 bits are the fractional part. Bias is 15. Numeric values are encoded in this format as a value of the form (-1) s * M * 2 E , where s is the sign bit, E is exponent after biasing, and M is the significand. Fill the following table for this floating point representation. Description E M Value 0 Smallest denorm Largest denorm Smallest norm 1 Largest norm...
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homework7 - 12 const char* ptr1 = strstr(packet,...

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