lab1-ss10 - ICS SS10 Spring 2011 Lab Assignment L1...

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ICS SS10, Spring 2011 Lab Assignment L1: Manipulating Bits Assigned: Thu., Mar. 24, Due: Thu., Apr. 7, 15:59 TAs (LX ZY HYB WD ZFW) would in charge of this assignment for their groups. Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to become more familiar with bit-level representations and manipulations. You’ll do this by solving a series of programming “puzzles.” Many of these puzzles are quite artificial, but you’ll find yourself thinking much more about bits in working your way through them. Logistics You should work individually in solving the problems for this assignment. Any clarifications and revisions to the assignment will be posted on the News page of ICS course websit ( Obtain Lab Materials You should use svn tools to get lab1. The URL of svn repository is ” svn://[account] (the example of [account] is ” ics10302010001 ”). You need select a directory named ” lab1 ” to check out, which contains 11 files: Makefile, README, bits.c, bits.h, btest.c, btest.h, decl.c, dlc, tests.c,datalab.pdf and data- The only file you will be modifying and turning in is bits.c . The file btest.c allows you to evaluate the functional correctness of your code. The file README contains additional documentation about
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lab1-ss10 - ICS SS10 Spring 2011 Lab Assignment L1...

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