Some benefits of child daycare and objectives

Some benefits of child daycare and objectives -...

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Some benefits of child daycare include regulating a child's nutrition, helping  them socialize with other children, alleviating separation anxiety and providing  a head start on learning through play. Learn how both children and parents can  benefit from daycare with advice from a daycare owner and operator in this  free video on childcare. Read more: Benefits of Child Daycare | OBJECTIVES  The Company plans on being open for daycare by Fall 2006. By the third year of  operation we will expand the infant care, tripling the capacity.  The projected revenues are based on five infants and forty toddlers/walk–ins per day. We  will be the only facility open seven days a week. Based on these occupancy rates, our  first year revenues are projected at $415,000 with pre–tax profits of $166,000. These  numbers will create a return of investment (ROI) of 10 percent during the first year.  There is enough space to expand in the future, depending on demand.  Read more:  Daycare Facility Business Plan - Executive summary, Objectives, Competition,   Management summary, Financial analysis 11/Daycare-Facility.html#ixzz1NXsU4A00 If you love working from home, enjoy working with children, and are patient and properly educated, opening a day care is an excellent way to combine all of your interests and make a lucrative living at the same time. There are certain things you should consider before opening a day care, and as with any business venture, there are certain requirements you must meet before you can do so. The demand for day care facilities is already huge, and is constantly growing. In the Houston, area, day care providers can make an excellent living, if they follow the specific steps to starting a day care as laid out by state law. Outlook  Wage and salary jobs in the child daycare services industry are projected to grow 43 percent over the  2002-12 period, compared with the 16 percent employment growth projected for all industries combined.  An unusually large number of job openings also will result each year from the need to replace  experienced workers who leave this industry. Replacement needs are substantial, reflecting the low  wages and relatively meager benefits. Faster-than-average employment growth, when coupled with 
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substantial replacement needs, should create numerous employment opportunities.  The rising demand for child daycare services reflects demographic trends. Over the 2002-12 period, the  number of women of childbearing age (widely considered to be ages 15 to 44) is expected to grow very 
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Some benefits of child daycare and objectives -...

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