Strategy Assignment Part I - Strategy Assignment Part I II...

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DeAngela L. Dixon GM 548 Professor V. Flanigan March 16, 2011 Part I: Role Model Assignment The person in my personal experience that I know that has exhibited superior leadership skills and career achievements is Mrs. Bettye P. Campbell. This lady is forever my role model. She is my strength when I am weak, she is the captain of my ship, and she is the person I cherish the most in life. Mrs. Campbell is my mother. Mrs. Campbell has two brothers and four sisters, she is the second oldest. She was the first one in her family to graduate from college. Her two brothers and one her sisters followed behind her in acquiring formal education. In her younger days she worked at a restaurant as a waitress and decided then that she would not be doing service jobs for the rest of her life. Her
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ambition was to become a school teacher. She went to college and worked at the restaurant to help support her financial needs for school. She married in 1957, graduated from college in 1958 and moved to Gary, Indiana. What is so remarkable and inspiring about Mrs. Campbell is that she really had to
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Strategy Assignment Part I - Strategy Assignment Part I II...

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