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math201 reply 2

math201 reply 2 - ahead Question three the same standard...

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26th Aug. 2011 Module 1, DB 1 Reply RE: Reply Her answers are too short. Nicole is correct that there is no way that 50 people could be contacted and answered a survey in as little as three hours. Question two the problem is with the calculation of the birth rate in Bosnia. There many different time zones to be sure that was the only birth on that day. The way the time zones are it could be the same day just hours behind or
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Unformatted text preview: ahead. Question three the same standard was not used. If he wanted to see if he had increased, he should have just used December of 1999 along with December of 1998. Question six is wrong. It should be false because the class width is seven. All of the other classes are seven apart from each other or pervious class....
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