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4th Sept. 2011 Module 2, GDB 2 RE: Explain what is wrong and why it is wrong: 1. For a given data set, the mean and median are always nearly equal. 2. In the same set of data, no two may have the same z score. 3. A negative z score is unusual. 4. For a set having only negative values, both the mean and standard deviation will be negative. 1) False. “The mean of a data set is the sum of the data entries divided by the number of entries. The median of a data set is the value that lies in the middle of the data when the data set is ordered” . On the other hand, if the data is skewed to the left or right, it could be nearly equal. This is not always true for every data set. There would have to be outliners in order to have the data set skewed.
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